Hello and welcome to my world!

Hello and welcome to my world!

Welcome to my new website and to my little different biography. It is my goal to combine with my website all my traveling, work and life experiences, to share my visions and hopes, to raise discussions and find support – and above all LOVE AND INNER PEACE.

Along my life there is countless life experiences of all kind, the good and bad ones, the survival and death moments, the recognition and respect of being able to share my views about other cultures and traditions, to make my views about truth, respect, loyalty and many other character trades in words visible to my readers, to raise discussions and to find support and understanding for made decisions, to show why there are no reasons to be scared of anything as there is a higher source that protects us if we truly believe, to trust in this higher source and to have faith in all our decisions and life situations.

I also intend to compare cultural and traditional made experiences among continents and skin colors. Further I truly hope to contribute to fight racism and to teach to respect each human being without judgement of their origin, of their color or believe. We are all children of one and the same planet that we share, that we should care for and that we should respect and keep in best possible shape.

I will mention people that met me in life, but i intend to change their true names for sake of their privacy and to keep their true names private, but i am sure that those changed names will still tell those individuals who is meant.

It is my intention to raise discussions, to challenge opinions, hoping to find people that can give honest comments onn those points where i might ask: “What would you have decided on this point in my situation or in my place?”

My hopes that this will become with time and with support of readers a site that becomes with time interactive and allows people to interact.

Finally each chapter of this SILENT CRIES FOR LOVE story will become an A4 sided booklet with photos and in depth information along my journey through life.

I wish you joy and courage as reader and follower of this blog and thank in advance everyone who will be commenting, questioning and suggesting.

I hope it will be worth to my readers to come back for more and i thank also those who support me with an occasional cup of coffee.

Mastering grammar or spell checking though done before publishing from me, the text may still contain mistakes. I appreciate notes of mistakes made that allow me to correct things, I may have overlooked or done wrongly-Kindly feel free to address such mistakes through comments, emails or over my Whatsapp. Thank You so much! Many eyes always see more than my two.

Thank you for reading, commenting liking or sharing.


Martin HOHMANN born as Stolle


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One thought on “Hello and welcome to my world!

  1. Hallo Martin, ich bin sicher Du kennst mich noch aus deiner Jugend- und Arbeitszeit. Ich freue mich sehr daß Du Dich endlich dazu entschlossen hast die Vergangen heit aufzuarbeiten. Auch die Idee deine Lebensreisen, Deine Erfahrungen und Deine weltweit gemachten internationalen Erfahrungen darzustellen auf solch ungewöhnliche Art und Weise finde ich eine genial ausgedachte Kombination. Aber Du bist ja für Deine genialen Ideen weltbekannt, darum bin ich auch sicher, daß Du mit diesem Projekt mal wieder Erfolg haben wirst. LG Walter

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