Words From The Author

Words From The Author

Some things of my content may feel disturbing, feel like fiction from another planet. However it is important for me, to inform you that all these things truly happened to me. Of course I have changed names or simple given people other descriptions as their original names to avoid copyright or lawful proceedings against my person for the mentioned content. It is important also to understand that all things are true lived memories and life experiences that I have been through and i feel blessed and lucky to be still alive, injured and marked for life, but alive!

I feel myself encouraged that some people think like me, not to sweep or allow all that had happened under some kind of magic carpet, where things go forgotten but rather are named, mentioned and made public, to create awareness, to warn others of things that can really happen to anyone, to allow some people to learn in multiple ways, be it through asking oneself “What would I have done or decided at the same point or on the authors position?”

Everyone knows that life holds challenges for anyone of us, we all are each day in life situations where one has to decide what action or reaction is best or how to go about a challenge. I also made my decisions based on the way I have been brought up and raised by my grandfather. The main things I have learned is that family is always first priority and one is dedicated, loyal, honest and 24 hours a day available to stand for it. There is nothing in this world that can have a higher priority than being a true and loyal member to the family.

One has to prioritize and at times it is really in extreme situations hard to tell which decision and for whioch door one should opt after weighing well all pro and contra points to the specific challenge. Each challenge is different. Some are harder some are easier to make, but they remain challenges and if one takes a wrong decision about something, then one should ahve also the courage on realisation that this decision had been to the most cleverest one. Then one shoud have also the self honesty to go one step back, admit the wrong decision and start again to correct the mistake with a different aand changed decision.

I had to make many decisions in life, some had been extremely bad, others equally extremely good. I dont regret a single decision that i ahve made in life. I only regret that I met some people that I would not want to anyone to meet as they are corrupt, devilish, lying, advantage taking souls that God will still or already has well taken care of.

Here this is to you all my enemies, there is something like KARMA – ever heard of it? – it will be taken care of you! I am not afraid of anyone or anything anymore, but it is useless to try and punish people that God will take care of sooner or later anyway.

All one really needs is the patience to wait until God does his job. Some of my enemies are already taken care of, others are red listed with him.

I have the faith to wait…

Martin Hohmann born as Stolle

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