I am dedicating my writings to three very important people that marked my life intensely.

First of all I like to dedicate my work to my late grandfather Max Stolle, who is not only giver of my true and real surname but who shaped and formed me to the main one finds today in me. He taught me patience, forgiveness, and loyalty and molded me to a real man.

Secondly my dedication goes to one Doris Alber,the only woman who truly loved me and who was able to give me peace inside many storms. I wish she was still around and in contact with me but unfortunately all doors have been closed for me to find her again. Sadly I miss her and would need her to live up. I know without her I will not be able to die in peace. DORIS – I love you forever and you had been very right – “We are knocked hard or soft by fate, it all depends on the material we are made of.”

My third dedication goes to my best friend ever, Oliver Schneider who was always there in my lifetime to give me strength and a good shoulder to cry on, who understood and gave me many years the best un-poisoned friendship one can think of. Unfortunately his soul was taken by the Corona virus in December 2020. Oliver! – I will see you in the other side soon.

I will not forget to dedicate my writings to my Children (biological or non biological) namely Chris, Marvin, Valerie-Vivian, Masedi Johnson, Florian-Oliver, Benjamin-Simon, Jessica, Murrium-Koketso, Kim-Shakira and the twins Lita-Maria and Nadja-Barbara. I will always love you deep inside my heart despite the intelligence of your mothers.

I also like to dedicate my writings to all my friends and people I have met all over the world, mainly in Europe, USA, Canada, Russia and not to forget to my African friends where I have spend half of my life and learned to aprreciate other cultures, traditions and values.

Finally I like to dedicate all  words to all my fans and readers, thank you for all your support and criticism, without your encouragement so many writings would have never happened.


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