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it is my aim and my main goal to write my own biography, but it shall be a different kind of it. I am aiming to make it a combination of social events, life experiences made, travelings conducted and uncountable problems a human can be dragged into or through without intention, partly even without realization.

Allow me to clarify this upfront. I am not writing to get readers attention in order to feel better or to find false attention or countless sorry comments. What is imperative to me is the fact that one often is forced to decide things because one feels helpless, or wrong understood, at times not knowing at the particular time what is the best to decide as some people are the time era may not have developed so far to find better decisions, or people conducted being overloaded way more than the person in that situation.

Life has obstacles for anyone, at times we decide right, at other times we decide and lead ourselve to self destruction or from one disaster to the next purely out of inexperienced survival instincts not knowing how to decide or conclude better.

In life often we discover much later that at that particular time we should have made a different decision and at times we know the best solution only after decades. No one can turn back the time to restart life again with the newly reached knowledge after decades. No one can bring back even a single day, not even just yesterday. What is gone is over and past.

I am not writing with regrets, but I am writing to give other readers an example of things that can happen, showing how I decided at a particular moment in life without and addressing the possibilities how someone else in a different environment or at a different time would have decided differently.

Therefore it is at a later stage my intentions to make this blog partly interactive as I desire at certain points to see how you as a reader would have decided or the reasons why you would have decided different leading you to a different outcome of the situation.

Imperative is to me also the fact that I am neither a trained social worker, I am no psychologist or psychiatrist nor am I any kind of doctor. I am a simple human being and all I have or had at particular times is my own brain for logic conclusions with simple solutions that I was able to afford that were basics for my decisions made, based on photographic memories, logical interpretation and conclusion or at times following the the feeling of what seems right from wrong.

I would love to find readers for discussions and brain storming of particular topics and it is well intended to integrate at advanced stages discussion forums, to find people with similar thoughts and life situations to share experiences in active communication.

This blog shall also intentionally teach white people about other races and cultures based on my own origin but also to open eyes for example to African people who see my own home country as paradise on earth not realizing what it really means, to end assumptions made between cultures, traditions of various races.

Not last but also important to me is to describe my hobbies and interests along the way as they had given me the power to remain strong when the whole world seemed to fall apart around me, the little things that kept me going, believing, hoping in situations that had been at times like walls no one can climb to me.

i also like to tell mainly my friends from Africa a pictorial view of my life through the decades and elaborate how Germany has been with my own eyes over the decades as many of my African friends base their knowledge on assumptions of wild ideas created without foundation. it is my intention and wish to near my country to the eyes of my African friends and show them my world.

I love to appreciate readers comments, critics, corrections and discussion topics of any topic and nature.

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