About The Author

About The Author

Martin Hohmann

Email: martin1959de@gmail.com

Martin Hohmann was born on the 4th of December 1959 in Wiesmoor, Lower Saxony in Germany. This is how most About The Author legends are usually beginning continuing with some small information about the persons parents and where they are originating from. Unfortunately I can not begin my About The Author this way as there are after over 60 years still uncleared unknown rankings and mysteries surrounding my birth.

My mum has version one, my step dad who already died has version two, my grandfather on my mums side who raised me the first four years had version three. In over sixty years I have not yet been able to solve all mysteries and open all secrets surrounding my birth. Apart from that it is now clear that i ahve a half brother and a half sister and i still have not been able to met them after all this time and much worse, I do not even know their first names yet. Some mysteries are still under my file unknown mysteries and secrets.

This is also why i began to write this a little different biography because i have dedicated the rest of the time i have left to find my true origin and hope to lift some of the hidden unknown secrets and mysteries.

My hope also is in the help of readers, the public, where small chances are that someone somewhere knows anything and is through emails, comments and tips helpful to assist me in finding my true roots.

It has been a tough life not knowing where one really belongs, originate and anyone calling themselves family members over time reveal to be nothing more than few hints of the puzzle that would give me a clear picture.

Life made me strong and now i feel finally strong enough to get to the bottom of all mysteries as i have no intentiopnn of dying without knowing who I am, where I come from and who are the main people responsible making my life a constant lonely and nowhere belonging existance.

May God help me to have the strength to find the truth. Thank You!

The Author

Martin Hohmann born with the surname Stolle

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