HOBBY – Design Work

HOBBY – Design Work

In early young years I already developed an interest in drawing and creations of all kind. Already in primary school I did like drawing mainly popular Disney characters free handed in me text books while listening to the teachers lessons. Of course back in those days of the sixties that did not really make me a favorite student for any teacher. It did not really matter which subject it was, Donald Duck was in every subject book drawn in various poses from Religion to Geography. Naturally my Religion teacher was the one being most unhappy to see Donald next to a drawn 3D cross in the text book.

The most favorite drawn animals I always favored had been elephants, dolphins, all kind of fish and landscapes of my grandfathers area. Age 18 with my first car, an old Opel Ascona A model with a simple 1.6 Liter engine became my first design object mixing its original cream color with black decals, after having made the drivers license. My second car, an orange Opel Manta B 1.9 Liter. Apart from changing the steel wheel colors to gold I also began with the design of hood and side ornaments and as unique indicator there was a blue elephant painted on the roof. The following was my own elephant drawn as a sample how it should look the roof.

Back in those days there was no one who would make such things on computers, everything was hand and spray painted. There was simply no technology to get like nowadays modern technical decals for cars and films like DC-Fix barely began to conquer the market for furniture appliances. So what I had on my car was truly unique.

It helped me a lot over the decades that I was given first the opportunity to learn professional printing and publishing, reprography, lithography, light pausing and engraving from scratch with at a time, where not even a fax or copy machine existed, copies made with chemicals and light tables 20 minutes per copy took. Really learning color spectrum and chemicals still had been a challenge on its own. I am still grateful for my previous teacher Mr. Wurmbeck at ITT Schaub Lorenz during 1980 who later went first in retirement and then died short after on cancer. Without his teaching I would not have been able to help so many people all over the world with my printing and publishing knowledge which is still happening at present times occasionally. Thank You Mr. Wurmbeck for your fruitful teachings.

Later on I became work-wise attached to the printing division and to the IT Department of one of Germany’s big Unions and I was working there as an employee from 1982 to 1987 where i could deepen my printing and publishing knowledge at upcoming new technologies learning then also on a huge XEROX 9000, a copier street that needed its own room and airflow system being most partly computerized being able to print complete books.

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