Silent Cries 4 Love – Chapter 1 (1959)

Silent Cries 4 Love – Chapter 1 (1959)

It is said that it had been a very cold winter night in which I had been born on this 4th of December 1959 in Wiesmoor Hinrichsfehn close to the North coast in Lower Saxony, Germany .

Most people can begin their biography with words like ” He or She was born as whatever number of son or daughter of their father so and so and their mother so and so. However this does not apply to my life. Until present day I can not be sure of who I am really. The past six decades I continuously spend time and again some work on finding out where my roots are and what had transpired to force me into the life of some kind of attached identity which never felt real or true in my heart.

A short while ago I went for the very first time to my birth place, it had been a great relief to me to see where I was born and to investigate some myth ranking around my birth. It is said that I was born in a house close to a huge gardening center and with the help of elder local villagers I was able to find not only the old half rotten house where I was born.

This is supposedly from the wording of elder villagers the house where I was born
I was told the owners died some long time ago and therefore no one can remember to tell if I was really born in that house. From within I feel attached to the falling apart building and I can imagine it to be the one where I first discovered the light of this planet

The village consists of a huge industrial sire almost a s large as the village itself and the village is mainly consisting of two long roads with single houses. Most of them are build similar to the one above with red bricks. I am sure six decades ago the area was more poor that it looks nowadays considering the short time after world war II. Jobs in this area where rare and mainly came from the two big gardening centers growing flowers and making flower pot ground from the rich soil. People lived here surely are more hard life than nowadays where they also earn income from Jobs in the industrial site, from tourism. restaurants and all kind of other shops found nowadays anywhere-

The two long roads going through the village itself are seeming endless long and the consistence of the clean kept roadside  allows the assumption of a still poor area barely surviving as a reflection of decades ago. The church is the marking begin of the first road going a long way walk-able within thirty minutes to its end and there taking a U-turn back as a parallel road on the other side back. Driving both roads a couple of times up and down did not make me see much people during a work day. I expected a busier place to be honest.

In the second road is on one corner a small supermarket and opposite a small village restaurant and I also noticed a tiny hotel. I was not even able to find a post office, only mail boxes to send letters where the post office was collecting once a day the envelopes dropped into its two village boxes.

Wiesmoor being a small town consists of Wiesmoor consists of the center of the town  and some few outside villages like Hinrichsfehn, Großefehn and others. Wiesmoor itself has a well developed center with many shops and tourist attractions like the BIG BEN. I am sure readers are now saying impossible! The Big Ben is in London. True, though Wiesmoor has its own BIG BEN, see for yourself in the short clip of the town center next to it the bus rank and several other shops and another hotel.

This are the main things I feel to tell about my birth place, if readers are interested they may use one of the search engines and find out more for themselves. One last rumor I was able to verify from one villager who confirmed to have known the old birth helper lady that I was told assist my mother to give birth at home that cold winter night when I was born. I was always told as a child that this old lady was smoking always cigars while assisting mothers to give birth. When I was young I always thought that people are just teasing me about it and I did not believe it really. Now that I was able to find a time witness who could remember this lady who died already some years ago known as the *cigar lady* around town.


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